3 Best SaaS Boilerplates Built With JS

July 29, 2021, 9:53 a.m.
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3 Best SaaS Boilerplates Built With JS

SaaS Boilerplates allow Startup founders, Tech Lead and startup developers to focus on what makes their product unique instead of implementing stuff like authentication subscription and other common features, as a founder you need to implement the most important features for your product, you might think this comes for free or can be done in some days but in the end, it takes a lot of time and budget to implement.

There are several reasons to use SaaS starter-kits:

  • Cut boring, common features from your development time, keep your budget only dedicated to the important things for your product.
  • Reduce your time to market, whether you’re building your own product or for another client, the boilerplate helps you to speed up your development.
  • SaaS boilerplate can easily be extended, this allows you to dynamically scale your app architecture.
  • Reduce complexity and repetitive tasks and provides out-of-the-box common features that every SaaS needs.

Let's discover the most popular SaaS Boilerplates that have proven themselves in the market.


Boostack puts the pre-made codebase that includes everything you need to develop your app into your hands. Design, Common SaaS features and more... scalable and ready to run in minutes.

Built on MEVN stack, the open-source JavaScript Stack, Boostack provides the most solid code foundation for your next App with a clean project structure and clean architecture that you can easily extend or customize.


Looking for a low-cost way to start your SaaS company quickly?

A robust SaaS boilerplate built using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js

MERNKit SaaS Boilerplate contains all essential features and a few more, It was built to be cloud provider agnostic and handles authentication, subscription management, user management, and provides a clean extensible UI built on React and Material-UI.


Nodewood starts you off with a full working web app, with a Vue front-end and Express back-end, built entirely from JavaScript.  Form validation, testing, user authentication and management, subscription/billing are all built-in, alongside a sleek and customizable application theme with an easy-to-extend admin console.


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