Think Big: High-Tech Jobs Of The Future

Dec. 13, 2020, 4:28 p.m.
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Think Big: High-Tech Jobs Of The Future

Today’s workplaces are changing at a rapid pace, becoming more and more reliant on technology every day. As such, jobs in computer science and engineering and internet technology are anticipated to be among the fastest-growing fields in the coming years. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, computer-related jobs will grow by 11 percent through 2029. Employment of the future will revolve around these key areas, and if you're looking for a career change, or just embarking on your professional life, consider the value of getting a degree in this burgeoning field of study. Ordinary Coders offers the following insight for those contemplating a career in technology.


Growing Need For IT

According to Forbes, IT services are fundamental in every type of organization. Whether it's basic computer start-up and program functions or the development of highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the need for qualified and well-educated IT professionals is continuing to expand. From data architects and scientists to network and cloud engineers, professions within the computer science and engineering domain continue to expand. As workplaces of all kinds become increasingly more automated, the need for well-trained humans directing this technology evolution will grow exponentially.


Fields in Computer Science

The field of computer science and computer and information technology is far-ranging. Professionals in this area are responsible for everything from designing and implementing new forms of technology, coding, building and maintaining intranets and coms networks to computer theory and database management. Even more critical is the area of cybersecurity, in which trained professionals ensure the integrity of information networks and protect against fraud and theft. Well-educated professionals are in-demand employees in all industries, and they also have the option of being well-paid outside consultants.


Benefits Of Online Education

Earning a degree in computer science or computer engineering can help position you to be part of the industries of the future. Online education offerings have expanded significantly over the years, providing interactive environments with high-tech learning tools and hands-on applications. In addition, online education provides the opportunity to work at your own pace, which can be essential for working professionals or people who are running their own businesses. You'll have the added advantage of being on the cutting edge of the latest methodologies, networking with like-minded individuals, and potentially even incorporating what you're learning on an everyday basis into your current professional role.


Building Your Career

Computer science and engineering are about building connections, and developing professional relationships can be incredibly valuable to your long-term career goals. Joining professional associations and being active in peer-group activities inside and outside the workplace can help you develop and build your network and aid in advancing your career. Much of the work in the IT field is done in a collaborative fashion, and an innovative, teamwork-focused mindset can help you make your mark in one of these specialized tech fields.


Commit to Lifelong Learning

In an ever-changing field like computer science and engineering, professionals must make a commitment to lifelong learning to ensure long-term success. Changes in technology happen at warp speed, and as such, remaining at the top of your field requires a dedication to ensuring you’re always up to speed on best practices in the industry, and within your particular area of specialty. This might include ongoing professional development training, and potentially, an advanced higher education degree program.

Computer science and IT is all about envisioning and building toward a highly automated future. By pursuing an education in this field of study, you're providing yourself with a viable, stable, and potentially lucrative profession. Consider an IT/ computer science and engineering degree a professional gift you give yourself that has the potential to create a secure, prosperous, and personally and professionally rewarding future.


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