A Complete Guide to Mozbar and Moz Pro Tools

Oct. 6, 2021, 4:44 p.m.
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A Complete Guide to Mozbar and Moz Pro Tools

Mozbar is the most sophisticated SEO toolbar created by Moz. It can help you perform SEO analysis on any web page.  Mozbar can provide you with webpage analysis about page elements. It can also provide link metrics of certain pages and much more, all discussed in detail below.


Why choose Mozbar?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a vast field but there are a few key elements needed to rank well.

The key elements include:

  • Keyword research
  • customizing title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • URLs

But, people often forget the most important SEO strategy is to keep an eye on your competitors. 

In order to rank, you must keep a close eye on your competition to find out what keywords they use, the back links the have, and which keywords their content ranks under. All of this information is necessary to perform complete SEO analysis of your content and Moz helps you get this information with just a simple browser extension.

Reasons to choose Mozbar:

  • No need to navigate to Moz website. All necessary information is available in the toolbar.
  • Provides in depth page analysis of any website you visit.
  • Automatically fetches data about internal links, external links, followed and no-followed links of the webpage.
  • On-page optimization suggestions is integrated into the Mozbar.
  • Provides keyword difficulty score, entered into the search engine.
  • Important information like page authority, domain authority and links are readily available for the results on search engine result pages (SERP).


How to get Mozbar extension?

Mozbar extension is available for Chrome browser; you simply download the extension from Chrome web store.

1. Open customization options on Chrome.

2. Navigate to more tools.

3. Open extensions.

4. In extensions tab, open Chrome web store.

Mozbar Google Extension


5. In Chrome web store search for Mozbar and install the extension.

Mozbar extentsion


6. Once you have installed the extension, you will see Mozbar icon in your Chrome toolbar, from where you can access your Mozbar. 

Mozbar in browser

Mozbar browser link



Mozbar SERP mode

Whenever you are on a search engine and your Mozbar is enabled, than the bar will automatically go into SERP mode. In this mode Mozbar will allow you to export your SERP analysis report in a CSV format to your device. This search engine result pages (SERP) report will contain a list of all the search results that appeared on the SERP. Along with those results URLs and titles, SERP analysis will contain following data as well:

  • Page authority: Page authority (PA) is a ranking score developed especially by Moz. This score predicts how likely it is for a page to rank on search engine result pages (SERP). This score ranges from 1 to 100 and the higher the score is, the higher chance a page ranks on SERP.
  • Total links to page: A total number of links to a specific page including internal, external, followed and not followed.
  • Domain authority: Domain authority (DA) is just like page authority. It is a metric used to tell how likely a page will rank on SERP. It also ranges from 1 to 100 with higher scores indicating a stronger chance of ranking on SERP.

You can import the SERP analysis report by clicking on the highlighted button.

Mozbar import SERP Analysis



Mozbar main features

Main Mozbar automatically appears whenever you visit a website. It looks like this:

Main Mozbar for Websites

Main Mozbar tells you the page authority (PA) score, domain authority (DA) score and information about links to the website. Apart from this information, Mozbar extension also provides the following information and features:


1. Page analysis:

You can view the page analysis tab by clicking the highlighted button:

Mozbar page analysis


After entering the page analysis tab you will see following information:

  • On-page elements
  • General attributes
  • Link metrics
  • Markup
  • Http status

Mozbar page analysis home


On-page elements:

On-page elements are the elements of a page that are optimized to improve the web page's search engine rankings. The process of optimizing On-page elements is known as On-page SEO.

Mozbar on page analysis


Mozbar extension provides you information for following on-page elements:

  • URL
  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • H1
  • H2
  • Bold/strong
  • Italic/em
  • Alt text

Once you have all this information about your competitor’s web page, you can easily use this to your advantage and perform on-page optimization of your own page. 


General attributes:

Mozbar general attributes tab provides following information:

  • Meta robots/Meta tags: These tags tell the crawlers that how to index web page content.
  • Page load time: How long did it take for specific webpage to load?
  • Google cache URL
  • Rel=”canonical”: A canonical tag is an HTML element that tells the search engine that the specific URL is the original copy of a page and if the content of this original page appears on any other URL, then that is a copied version.

Mozbar general attributes


Link metrics:

Link metrics tab provides you information about:

  • Page authority score (PA): Moz special score system to tell that how likely it is for a webpage to rank on SERP.
  • Domain authority (DA): Score just like PA, also tells about the chances of a web page to rank higher.
  • External followed links: Number of external linked sites to your web page.
  • Linking root domains: Number of root domains connected to the webpage.
  • Total links: total number of links to the webpage including external, internal, followed and no-followed.

Mozbar link metrics


2. Highlight links:

Highlight links tab is accessed by clicking on highlighted button:

Mozbar hightlight


Highlight links tab is a very useful feature of the Mozbar extension that can tell you about:

  • External  links
  • Internal links
  • Followed links
  • No-followed links

All you have to do is go into the highlight links tab and select the links you want to see, Mozbar will highlight all the selected links on the web page. Apart from that, there is also a search bar in highlight link tab where can enter any word and Mozbar will highlight that word everywhere on that webpage.

  Main Mozbar


3. Page optimization:

The page optimization feature is another useful feature for SEO. It provides different page optimization suggestions that you can follow to increase your domain authority and land higher on SERP rankings. 

Mozbar page optimization


How to use page optimization:

  1. Go to page optimization tab by clicking highlighted icon.
  2. Enter a keyword for which you want to analyze the page.
  3. Click optimize.

Mozbar Page optimization by keyword


After clicking optimize you will be provided with three new tabs:

  • Summary
  • Optimization factors
  • On-page content suggestions

Mozbar page optimization tabs



When you click on the summary tab you will see page optimization score, this score is out of 100 and is calculated using 27 different page optimizing factors. Moz SEO experts have defined these 27 factors based on their experience and search engine knowledge. The higher the score, the less optimization is required for a certain keyword.

Mozbar Page Optimization Summary


Optimization factors:

In this page optimization tab, certain “Fixes” are suggested, to improve your page SEO for the keyword you searched. Mozbar highlights the most important fixes with a red icon that will has the greatest impact on your page optimization score. With every fix there is a “how to optimize” button that can help you with optimization.

Mozbar most important optimizations


On-Page content suggestions:

In this tab you will see further suggested topics/keywords, related to the keyword you queried. You can use these suggested topics and keywords in your content to further increase your content’s relevancy with the keyword selected.  These suggested topics/keywords are arranged in descending order of relevancy. 

Mozbar on page content suggestions


Moz main tools

Although, Mozbar extension provides all the necessary tools to analyze your webpage, compare your content with competitors, optimize your web page to improve domain authority and rank it higher, there are still some tools that Moz provides to its subscribed customers that can further help you with your SEO. 

These tools can be accessed by going to the following URL, analytics.moz.com/pro and logging in to your Moz account. It's free to create an account.

Once logged in, you will be able to use the following Moz pro tools:

  • Link explorer
  • Keyword explorer
  • On-Page grader
  • Rank tracker
  • On-demand crawler

Mozbar pro tools


Link explorer:

Link explorer can help you track your back links by pulling link data based on:

  • Root domain
  • Sub domain
  • Exact webpage

Mozbar link explorer

You can extract data from your competitor’s website and work on your link building strategy to improve your own back links using the link explorer.


Overview section:

The overview section of the link explorer will provide you with the following data:

1.  An easy to read analysis of the link data for the website you researched.  

Mozbar overview

Mozbar discovered and lost links

Mozbar Metrics over time

Mozbar Follow and Nofollow links


2. It will show you the total number of keywords this web page is ranking  under.

Mozbar Ranking Keywords


Inbound links:

The inbound links tab will provide further insight into specific links to this web page. You can filter by link source, link type, and link state to further segment your data. 

Mozbar Inbound Links 


Linking domains:

In the linking domains section Moz will provides you with all the domains linking to your website along with information like:

  • DA (domain authority) score
  • Linking domains
  • Spam score

Mozbar Linking Domain


Keyword explorer:

Moz keyword explorer is one of the best tools to search for keywords. You can use the keyword explorer to:

  • Search for a specific keyword
  • Extract keywords from a specific root domain, sub-domain or exact webpage.

Mozbar keyword explorer



In the overview section of keyword explorer you will be provided with data like:

  • Monthly search volume of the keyword
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Organic CTR (click through rate)
  • Priority score
  • Keyword suggestions
  • SERP analysis

Mozbar Keyword Search Overview


Keyword suggestions:

In the keyword suggestions tab, you get all the relevant keywords related to your searched keyword. They are arranged in descending order of relevancy. Along with relevancy Moz will also provide you with the monthly search volume. You can also click on the search icon in front of every suggested keyword to see its difficulty and other relative information.

Mozbar Keyword Search Icon


SERP analysis:

The SERP analysis tab will provide the search results displayed on the first page of Google. Along with every search result you will find information like page authority, domain authority, total number of links and page score.

Mozbar SERP Analysis


On-Page grader:

On-Page grader is just like page optimizations tool in Mozbar extension. It can provide you with the on-page score of a website for a specific keyword and can also suggest some “Fixes”  to improve your site’s score.

Mozbar Onpage grader

For every suggestion there is a dropdown showing, in detail, the page's problems and how to fix them.

Mozbar Onpage grader

Mozbar Onpage grader



On-demand crawl:

The on-demand crawl feature of Moz is one of the best features you can use to discover problems with your site. Enter the URL of a certain web page in the on-demand crawler tab and Moz will analyze the website and suggest fixes in the crawl report.

Mozbar Root Domain Crawl Report

Mozbar Crawl Report

Mozbar Recommended Fixing

Every recommendation will have a drop down button in front of it, which will briefly describe the problem and suggest the solution.

Mozbar Recommended Fixing Expanded


Rank checker:

Rank checker tool will help you track your website’s ranking. Rank checker will ask you to put the exact URL of your website and the keyword you want to target.  Once you have entered these details, rank checker will provide the following data about your website.

  1. Rank number: Your sites spot on the search engine results page for the provided keyword.
  2. Volume: Number of times the provided keyword is searched in Google in a month.
  3. Difficulty: How difficult it is for your website to rank higher than the current ranking. The score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating more difficulty.

Mozbar Rank Checker





In this complete guide on Moz pro tools and Mozbar pro extension, we discussed all the important SEO features provided by the Moz team. We have discussed in detail:

  • Different modes of Mozbar extension:
    • SERP mode
    • Main toolbar mode
  • Mozbar features like:
    • Page analysis
    • On-page optimization
  • Highlight links
  • Moz pro tools:
    • Rank checker
    • On-demand crawl
    • On-page grader
    • Link explorer
    • Keyword explorer

Mozbar and Moz pro tools are some of the most powerful SEO tools on the market. When used correctly, that are bound to show SEO results. If you still have questions regarding any tool, than you can checkout the Moz blog. Moz provides in depth detail and tutorials for all their tools, so you can use all these tools to their fullest potential.

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