10 Popular Company Logos & Why They're Great

March 31, 2021, 6:06 p.m.
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10 Popular Company Logos & Why They're Great


Having a recognizable brand is a must. A logo is the first thing people notice when they see your business. Whether it’s a wordmark, an icon, or a symbol, a logo helps your business stand out. What are some popular logos? Here are 10 popular logos and why they’re great.


What are modern logo designs? 

Modern logos aim to create fresh and clean designs evoking positive feelings towards customers about a specific company. From video games companies to food companies, modern logo designs are applicable to any company wanting to reflect current design trends. Here is a list of common modern logo design trends: 

  1. Minimal
    • Modern logos should be clear and easy to read so people can easily match the logo to its respective company. Minimal logos might just be the company's name or a single graphic.  
  2. Text Inside Box 
    • A common logo trend is having the company name spelled out in a box. For instance, a company is written in white and placed inside a brightly colored rectangular box. 
  3. Responsive 
    • Some companies desire different variations of their logo which diversifies product design and hopefully attracts more consumers. Appeal companies often have diverse logo designs to brand across different clothing products. 
  4. Fine Details
    • Logos can include fine details, but it is essential intricate details do not suppress the overall appearance of logos. Too many fine details make the logo appear cluttered and unclear. 
  5. Bright Colors 
    • Bright, bold colors help logos stand out and make a statement to people. Certain colors also incentivize consumers to feel a certain way about a company. For example, shades of blue are often associated with trust and professionalism so software, finance, or banking companies will lightly use blue in hopes consumers trust the company. 
  6. Geometric Shapes 
    • When looking closely, some logos consist of geometric shapes as design. Circles, squares, and half-circles are commonly recognizable and create a clean, symmetric appearance. 
  7. Unique Typography 
    • Instead of having an image or symbol represent the logo, some companies use their name as their logo but use interesting fonts. Certain font styles appear sleek and elegant while others are friendly and bubbly. This trend is commonly paired with the Text Inside Box trend. 

To help visualize these modern design elements, here are examples of logos from familiar companies and a brief analysis of each design:  


What is the Fortnite Logo? 

Image Source: logo.wine

Fortnite Logo Meaning: 

Fortnite means 14 nights and the game was originally designed with the intent for players to survive that long, but eventually, the game changed to the popular version played today. 

Regarding their logo, the previous Fortnite logo depicted staggered wooden boards nailed together to spell "Fortnite" while the current logo has a new design reflective of trending modern designs. 

The Fortnite logo uses the solid sans-serif font with the upper lines of each letter diagonally cut to create a staggering effect, similar to the previous logo. Using a monochrome design is not only sleek and progressive, but it also suggests the video game offers a mysterious environment for users to participate in. 


What is the Supreme Logo? 

Image Source: wikipedia

Supreme Logo Meaning: 

The Supreme Logo uses the futura heavy oblique font and utilizes geometric shapes to create a crisp, clean design. Using a bold red as the background symbolizes excitement, strength, power, and energy while also encouraging consumers to purchase their products. The white serves as a symbol of cleanliness and purification. 

Notice how "Supreme" is written inside a rectangular box and upon closer look, half and whole circles are seen in the p and both e's. 


What is the Nike Logo?

Image Source: wikipedia, festisite, and digitalbrandblueprint

Nike Logo Meaning: 

The Nike "swoosh" logo was created by Carolyn Davidson who was inspired by the Greek goddess, Nike. The goddess' name means victory and was characterized by her strength, speed, and victories. Davidson was particularly inspired by Nike's wing to create the notorious "swoosh".

Nike has minimal, responsive logos branded on their products which all have simple, clean designs. Nike favorites monochrome appearances to create simple yet elegant logos. 


What is the Coca-Cola Logo? 

Image Source: logo.wine and 1000logos

Coca-Cola Logo Meaning: 

Coca-Cola developed the bold red writing (symbolizing fun, joy, and excitement) by painting their barrels red which helped distinguish between alcohol and soft drinks when the company began 130 years ago. The alternative logo reflects history because the red circle represents the red-painted barrels.   

The logo utilizes the spencerian font which has been apart of the company since the late 1800s.  


What is the Real Madrid Logo?

Image Source: logos-world

Real Madrid Logo Meaning: 

In 1920, the Madrid Football Club (MFC) was granted the Royal title by King Alfonso XIII, thus the crown appeared on the logo. The blue diagonal slash reflects the flag of Castile, a region of Spain that was controlled by the monarchy until 1931. The word Real is Spanish for the English word "royalty", correlating to the crown.  

Notice how the logo includes subtle blue coloring to represent strength and balance while also including finely detailed design elements that do not overshadow the overall logo.  


What is the Harley Davidson Logo?

Image Source: motorcycle-brands

Harley Davidson Logo Meaning: 

The Harley Davidson logo has the company's name written in white and placed inside a black rectangular box with orange lining. The word "motorcycle" is written in orange inside of the shield. Using orange represents energy, activity, and happiness while black represents excellence and sleekness. 

The logo is characterized as the "bar and shield" logo. 


What is the Shell Logo?

Image Source: 1000logos

Shell Logo Meaning:

The Shell logo consists of bright bold colors and crisp red geometric outlines as seen with the perfect half circle making the arch of the shell, the linear line at the bottom of the shell, and the thin triangles evenly spaced throughout the shell. The wide, boldly red-colored outlines reflect strength, ultimately creating a clean appearance.  

In 1915, bold colors were introduced to appeal towards Spanish settlers in California as the same colors are reflective in Spain's flag.  


What is the Taco Bell Logo?

Image Source: wikipedia

Taco Bell Logo Meaning: 

The Taco Bell logo depicts a bell because the founder's name is Glen Bell. He noticed Mexican immigrants eating tacos, yet Americans were not so he branded tacos towards Americans. 

The Taco Bell logo uses a simple sans-serif font with two shades of purple representing modern and unique design trends. The color purple evokes celebratory tones, pride, and good food quality. 


What is the Intel Logo?

Image Source: 1000logos

Intel Logo Meaning: 

The Intel logo is minimal with geometric shapes as seen with the square dot on the i and the half-circle in the e. Once again, this is an example of companies using their name with interesting typography as their logo. In this case, Intel uses a simple font design to convey promises of reliability and longevity to consumers while the hint of blue conjures feelings of professionalism, trust, and loyalty.  


What is the Zara Logo? 

Image Source: 1000logos

Zara Logo Meaning: 

Finally, the Zara logo reflects interesting typography with minimal design and coloring. The logo is designed with a bold, elongated sheriff front in capital letters which evokes confidence, class, and balance. Interestingly enough, the founder wanted four letters as the logo to reflect their mission of making fashionable clothing simple and available to customers.


Wrapping Up 

Sometimes thinking of the perfect design to reflect a company's mission is challenging, but considering modern logo design trends is useful in making an effective and eye-pleasing logo. To get a better idea as to how you should design your logo, analyze logos of companies in the same field as yours! If you still have difficulty, contact ordinarymedia.com so your ideal logo comes to life. 

For other design assistance, tips, and trends check out this Free Logo Maker article or this article discussing general design trends.

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