6 Awesome React Projects on Github

March 13, 2021, 12:25 p.m.
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6 Awesome React Projects on Github

React.js is one of the most popular technologies in web development. A JavaScript library developed by Facebook, React has gained immense popularity in recent years. More and more projects are being developed using react. It has several benefits. It is flexible, easy to learn and understand, and provides top-notch performance.  Searching on Github, you can find a variety of creative projects that demonstrate the ingenuity of the open-source world. Check out the projects below to inspire you're next creation or fork one of the branches and start making a project your own. In this article, we will list six awesome React.js projects available at Github.


Jira Clone

jira clone demo

Jira is a popular software developed by Atlassian used by professional developers and teams to manage their work. This project at Github is a simplified clone of Jira developed using React. Like Jira, this project also offers an interactive user interface, but with much simpler code. The project is built using React along with webpack, ode, ESLint, styled-components, and cypress. Though a simplified version, the code is modern. The application uses the latest React features such as functional components with hooks. Moreover, several custom light-weight UI components are also used in this project including modals and date pickers. The developer of this project has tried to keep it simpler with React only. So libraries like redux are present in the code.

Repo - https://github.com/oldboyxx/jira_clone



flatris demo

Flatris is another awesome project available at Github. This project is inspired by a popular game known as Tetris. It is a quite large project with different options. A player can play solo or battle a friend by sharing the link provided in the UI. The user-interface of the game is designed and developed very skillfully. Moreover, the game also records the data related to the game which is visible on the home page. The project is developed using react and for state management, redux is used. For those who want to understand how react is used with redux, this is an ideal project.

Live - https://flatris.space/

Repo - https://github.com/skidding/flatris


Todo with PWA

react todo demo

This is a simple Todo react project available at Github, but with an interesting feature. The application is developed using React but it is also a progressive web application. For those who don't know, a progressive web application is a newer technology that blurs the line between web and mobile application.  A website will essentially function as if its an app. It is a hot topic in web and mobile application development. This project can give you exposure to progressive web applications, React, and redux. Moreover, it is a simple project with an eye-catching user interface.

Live - https://paper-todo.firebaseapp.com/

Repo - https://github.com/ajayns/react-projects/tree/master/todo-pwa



Spectrum is a very popular open-source project at GitHub. It is a chat-based application for curating communities. The project offers a similar chatting experience like many popular chatting applications. It is built on top of react. You can search for communities, find top communities, join communities, and do everything that should be possible on a social media kind of application. This huge project developed using multiple technologies such as React, rethinkDB, Redis, graphQL, Flowtype, and passportJS. The project structure and code are quite modern and it can take some time to understand. But it will definitely give you enough exposure and also, it is a great source to understand these technologies.

Live - https://spectrum.chat/explore

Repo - https://github.com/withspectrum/spectrum


React kanban

react kanban demo

React kanban is an open-source project available at GitHub which is inspired by Trello. In this application, you can create cards, insert details in them, edit them, drag them, etc. The project also has user authentication options such as sign in with Twitter and Google, and also as a guest. With an impressive user-interface, the project can give you exposure to the working of full-stack applications. The project is quite simple but various technologies are used in its development. These include React, redux, MongoDB, express, and passport.

Live - https://www.reactkanban.com/

Repo - https://github.com/markusenglund/react-kanban



devhub react demo

DevHub is a web as well as a desktop-based project developed for managing Github notifications and activities. It is a helpful application with an impressive user-interface. It works on mobile as well. The application offers various features such as multi-column layout, filters, notification manager, user stalking, dashboard, save for later, keyboard shortcuts, and more. The project is quite huge and developed using React, react Native, redux, typescript, redux-saga, electron, and reselect.

Live - https://devhubapp.com

Repo - https://github.com/devhubapp/devhub


Wrapping it up, Github is full of React projects. You can find numerous awesome react projects there. Many are complex and complicated while many are simple. These projects are developed by professionals and from contributions throughout the world. These projects will provide you exposure and going through their code will work as a source of learning. Check out some of the projects!

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