Walkthrough: TweetSpacer - Schedule Tweets and Easily Create Threads

March 24, 2021, 10:42 a.m.
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Walkthrough: TweetSpacer - Schedule Tweets and Easily Create Threads

Hey I wanted to do a better job of shining a spotlight on projects built by creators I've found on different online communities such as IndieHackers and Twitter.  Launching a product can be a daunting task and getting user feedback and exposure is important.  Hopefully these types of walkthroughs can help.  Let me know in the comments if you're interested in having me go over your product.

So, let's talk about TweetSpacer by Adam Langsner.  TweetSpacer is a tweet scheduler with a distraction-free writing space to easily create and schedule tweets and threads.  Recently I've focused more time on our @ordinarycoders account and I've realized that I do not enjoy writing out threads. When I try to write well-researched threads, it just takes too much time and feels like a bit of a chore.  I came across TweetSpacer on Twitter, reached out to Adam to write about his product, and here we are now. 


Landing Page

tweetspacer landing page

Upon visiting TweetSpacer's landing page, you'll be greeted with a no-nonsense explanation of the product and a preview of the actual dashboard.  I appreciate how the actual product is front and center since I find it misleading when landing pages use renderings of pages that aren't real.  Scroll and down you'll notice Tweet Spacer's is offering lifetime access for $20.  Let's sign up.



After logging in, I got started with my first thread.  I decided to base it on a recent article by one of our newer writers, 6 React projects on Github.  

TweetSpacer Dashboard

tweetspacer dashboard

On the dashboard, you'll notice three windows/panes.  The first is where you compose your tweet, the second will show a preview of your tweet, and the third will inform you when your tweet will be sent.  Start typing in the left window and you'll see your tweet appear in the middle.

schedule thread part 1

To create a thread, hit enter a few times to go to a new line and start typing again.  The thread will be created automatically.

scheduling a thread part 2

Then you can hit "Schedule Tweet" at the bottom to schedule the tweet in one click.

tweet spacer schedule button


Afterwards you'll see your tweet occupying a slot in the third window on the right-hand side.  I scheduled my thread for 5:00pm PST.

tweet scheduled

I think this implementation is seamless and works rather well.  The dashboard is light and clean without distractions.  If you want to change when your tweets are scheduled you can edit the time slots and select new ones:

tweetspacer edit time slots

I like how I can already set my time slots beforehand.  Then I can focus on writing my tweets and not worry about what time I should schedule them.  Since the time slots are pre-set, you just write and hit schedule.  However, changing time slots might be a little cumbersome for other users, especially if you're always changing the days and times.  Maybe there should be an option to set a schedule beforehand or schedule the tweet after a user hits "schedule a tweet".  As you might imagine, there's a few possible implementations.  

Once 5:00pm hit my scheduled thread was published!

tweet spacer screen shot

An hour later, I got a new follower!  


  • The step-by-step process is easy to follow 
  • It also helps you stay focus without all of the distractions of Twitter
  • The tweet preview gives you confidence on how your tweet will look


  • Make scheduling a little simpler by removing/rethinking slots
  • Continue integrating Twitter API to provide additional analytics
  • Send email to users to log back to help retention (maybe gamify it since motivation is the toughest part about Twitter)



I like the product and it seemed to help me a gain a few followers.   Tweet schedulers might be a competitive space since anyone can access Twitter's API.  However, I think if TweetSpacer really leans into being a distraction-free, focus tool; they can find an audience.  Something that says, "You could have more followers if you're weren't so distracted."  Regardless you can see the utility in TweetSpacer and I'm interested to see how the product evolves.  If you're interested in the product, check it out at TweetSpacer

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