Walkthrough: My Free Logo Maker

March 10, 2021, 3:02 p.m.
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Walkthrough: My Free Logo Maker

Recently, I found a logo design tool that checks off features I look for in a logo maker as well as some other neat tricks.


  • Free to use
  • Several downloadable image formats
  • Black, white, and color logos automatically generated
  • Design suggestions for any chosen logo
  • Compare multiple logos at once
  • Color, placement, alignment customization


My Free Logo Maker: Onboarding


myfreelogomaker.com homepage

The homepage on the page load is crisp and provides all of the information you really need to know -- it's 100% free; enter your company name to get started.


myfreelogomaker features on homepage

As you scroll down it then goes into the features:

  • generate 100s of logos
  • edit your logo as you see fit
  • preview it on business cards, t-shirts, and social media profiles
  • download the logo as PNGs and SVGs for free


myfreelogomaker testimonials

Several testimonials are provided instantly giving the site credibility as a real tool used by real people. 


myfreelogomaker - Get started

A second call-to-action makes it easy for users who were just convinced by the features to get started now.

The addition of the Sand Dollar Consulting LTD image provides an idea of the logo quality and the ability for branded merchandise. 


myfreelogomaker more features

The next section contains cards with individual features offered on the site for anyone interested in learning more. 


myfreelogomaker logo placement

The next section is a carousel that indicates the logos created on this site will look good on different products. 


myfreelogomaker last call to action

The last thing on the page is another call to action with the same requirement as the other two -- enter your company name. 


Logo Creation Tool 

Step 1: Select your company's industry

MyFreeLogoMaker: Step 1

Enter the name of your company and you are asked to specify your industry. 


Step 2: Pick the logos you like

MyFreeLogoMaker: Step 2

Then you can choose 5 logos that you like.


Step 3: Choose the colors you want

MyFreeLogoMaker: Step 3

Now you can choose the color of your logo. Hover over each color to see a brief adjective description of the color's description.

Step 4: Confirm your company name and add a slogan

MyFreeLogoMaker: Step 4

It's time to specify an additional slogan.

Step 5a: Pick symbol categories for the logo

MyFreeLogoMaker: Step 5a

Then select a general category of logo symbols you want to use.

Step 5b: Or pick the symbols yourself

MyFreeLogoMaker: Step 5b

Or click "I want to pick my own symbols", select one of the category bubbles, then choose one of the provided symbols.

Step 6: Choose the logo(s) you like

MyFreeLogoMaker: Logo Created

Generated logos will appear on your screen with the Company name, color scheme, and symbols you specified.


Step 7: Edit the logo as you see fit

MyFreeLogoMaker: Edit logo

Click on one to customize and you'll see the ability to edit the logo and look at suggestions. The image above shows suggestions for different symbols. 


MyFreeLogoMaker: Edit Logo

Click on the other options such as Pallete or Layout to continue editing. 


Step 8: View how the logo looks on different products

My Free Logo Maker: Logo Options

Scroll down on the right-side panel to see the custom logo placed on cardstock, email signatures, and t-shirts. 


Step 9: Create an account to download the logo

My Free Logo Maker: Sign Up

Save your logo by creating a free account. 


My Free Logo Maker: Features

My Free Logo Maker: Account Page

You can see and download all of the logo files, social media images, and letterheads generated with your logo once logged in.

There are seven branding options in total.


Logo Files

My Free Logo Maker Logo Color Variations

Download the logo files to get access to a "Get Started Page" in addition to Print and Web folders, each with color, color with background, white, and black logos in PDF, ESP, PNG, and SVG formats. 


Other Branding Options

My Free Logo Maker : Other Branding Options

You can also select the other branding options.

Unfortunately, I was met with a loading screen that never loaded when I clicked on any of the branded previews. 


My Free Logo Maker: User Retention

As for user retention, there is very little but it fits with the current nature of the product. 

It's a free logo maker that only requires an email address. 

The only reason for the user to log back in is if they want to access any of the other branding options. 

Additionally, they could log back if they are interested in updating their existing logo.

I did notice add-ons listed on the "Getting Started Guide" but I was unable to find any add-ons once logged in. 

However, I did find that they are looking to make money through add-ons eventually so the add-ons may not be available yet. 



Logos next to the testimonials

I would suggest showing the logos created through the site next to each of the testimonials.

As a customer, I want to see the real logos generated from the site next to the people who used the product.


Add a favicon file to the downloads

Favorite icons or favicons are the little logos that appear on the left side of a browser tab.

Consider adding an additional ICO file to nicely round out the already extensive image downloads. 


Place a login button in the footer

Add a login link to the footer so users can log back in easily without having to click on the onboarding page and then the side navbar.


Send an email after registration

I would suggest sending an automated email after a user registers filled with the information stated on the "What You Get" page or in the downloaded "Getting Started Guide" HTML file.

It's easy for a customer to never visit or click on these pages.

So a quick branded email restating "What You Get" could increase users signing back in to find those features.


Send a feedback email once they download their logo

Sending a feedback email could help gain more insight into the user flow and functionality.

It's also a good place to get new ideas for new features. 


Get rid of the link listed under Add-ons in the "Getting Started Guide" HTML file

The link to learn more about package add ons goes to a page that no longer exists.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a very well-thought-out product.

It seemingly has a good product-market fit by offering itself as a free logo maker with the customizations of a paid tool.

The pages are very clean and easy to navigate. The logos are unique and not "cookie-cutter". 

The things that set it apart from its competition is not that it's 100% but that:

  • the editor tool shows suggestions while editing 
  • multiple downloadable file-formats
  • automatic black, white, and color logos


There are a few bugs that need to be fixed, but overall I really liked this product and would recommend others to try it out.

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