Website Design: How To Get Started and Common Designs

Feb. 4, 2021, 3:20 p.m.
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Website Design: How To Get Started and Common Designs

What is website design (or web design) and why is it important? 

Web design simply refers to the presentation or layout of a website. Web design is important in order to appeal to users and convince them to purchase the products a website presents. 

Every website is trying to sell a product; whether it be a fashion e-commerce website or a food blog, both types of websites try to convince consumers to purchase their products (clothing or a monthly recipe subscription). So, how do you effectively lure and convince consumers to buy products? Part of the answer lies in web design.


Average cost to get a website designed for you:

If you're wondering how much web designers charge, according to pricing can range between $2,000 to $15,000 and reports the range between $5,000 and $15,000--which is a lot of money depending on your situation. However, there is no need to worry because you can learn how to professionally design a website by following these tips!


How to design a website: 

Before you consider the design of your website, you'll need to decide the purpose of your website. Each website has a goal or a product trying to be sold as I mentioned earlier, whether it be to inform users, encourage users to buy products, or entertain users. 

While it may be tempting to design your website exactly to your personal preference, unfortunately, this method is not the most effective way to effectively design your website. It's important to consider the wide range of users who might click on your website, so it is best to choose a theme that matches the type of website you want rather than matching your preferences. Additionally, you'll want to consider looking at the presentation, trends, and patterns of other websites that are similar to your own. For instance, if you want to create a website focused on sports news, then look at websites with the same focus. 


Easy website design tips:

Here are a few basic tips to follow when learning about designing a website:

  1. 60-30-10 color rule: One base color should be presented throughout 60% of a website. One complimentary color should represent 30% of the colors presented on a website and one accent color can be presented throughout 10% of a website. Following this rule helps ensure there aren't too many colors presented on the website to where users do know where to point their attention towards. 
  2. Different Word Sizes: To help draw in users' attention, make the size of the wording different so users quickly understand what's presented in front of them. It's no different than how words for videos or articles are presented, the title is large and bold while the other information about the title is smaller. 
  3. Use Key Words: Don't feel the need to put all the information your website offers on the front page, break it up! Make sure clear and useful information is the first thing users see when clicking on your website.
  4. Answer the question: Part of having a well-designed website is being able to easily find what you're looking for. Users will go onto a website wondering where certain features are. Present answers as to where users can find more information about the product your website presents. 
  5. Use pictures: Visuals help people understand information better, so might as well as photos related to your website. No one likes to look at a boring black and white screen. 
  6. Keep it simple: Don't over-crowd the layout of your website with too many images or shapes. Keeping the design simple helps avoid confusing your users.


What are design themes and what are the best website themes: 

Design themes refer to repetitive and uniform designs and features presented throughout a website. Design themes are meant to create an even flow and transition between pages, so remember matching is key!

  • Vibrant/bold/colorful: From HUGE and Catk



Types of websites: 

There are many other different types of websites promoting different products so think of the most popular websites in the same category as yours and base your design on them! Here are a few to start: 

Both e-commerce websites clearly display the products they sell and Nike even includes encouraging texts like "new season, new energy" in the hope buyers will be inspired to purchase new clothing.

  • Entertainment Website Designs - From Spotify and HBO

Notice how Spotify and HBO use large wording and images to draw focus on the services offered.

See how each blog offers a fun invitation for users to share ideas by using bright colors and graphics.

Look how both news websites have white backgrounds and how the articles are the main feature.

Can you see how both landing pages have a simple presentation with bold wording so users can easily understand what type of assistance each landing page offers?

Notice how Khan Academy presents a clean layout because their audiences' ages range while National Geographic Kids uses bright, bold colors to keep children's attention. 

See how both portfolio websites use image(s) to showcase their work needing to be highlighted so users understand what it is each creator offers.


Trending color palettes for web design: 

Here are a few popular color palettes from coolors and feel free to check out the other palettes they offer! 

dark and light shades of blue with a splash of orange:


Vibrant yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue: 

pastel purple, pinks, and blues:

light shades of blue-grays:

earth tones of tan, orange, dark blue, green, and yellow:

bold shades of green, yellow, and orange:

shades of purple, white, and tan: 


Need Help With Web Design? 

If you don't have the time to design your own website or if this information seems overwhelming, that's okay! Thankfully, offers services for you to purchase a unique website design or even a custom logo. 

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